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My project is live, what's next?
My project is live, what's next?
Next steps for a live project: Staying active, scheduling meetings, and understanding results.
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Now that your project has been created, here's what to expect next and some tips for a successful outcome.

Be Active in Platform and Monitor Your Email

Remember, your project is now live. Vendors have already received your meeting requests and typically respond to pending requests within 48 hours. Once a vendor accepts your request, you will be required to log back into platform and accept one of their proposed times. Meetings can only be accepted and scheduled within our platform. Make sure you log into the platform daily and review your “Action Needed” items.

Schedule Meetings

Once a vendor accepts your request, they will propose time blocks for that meeting. Again, these can be found in your “Action Required” tab on your dashboard. Choose a proposed time that works best for you. Once you choose that time, the meeting is set! You and the vendor will receive a unique Zoom link both inside the platform and via email with a calendar hold for that time slot. At any time, you can access the meeting info by selecting “view event” in your upcoming meetings tab.

Understand Your Search Results

Your project search results were divided into “highly recommended”, “recommended” and “you might be interested in”. We strongly encourage you to select all solution providers that were displayed to you in the “Highly Recommended” bucket of your results. These vendors are guaranteed to offer the solution you are looking for and have confirmed they can work with a buyer like you. These meetings are automatically accepted by the vendor and the scheduling process is expedited. We find that 80% of these meetings have synergy and provide next steps for the buyer. Recommended matches can also be a good fit. These vendors offer the solution you are looking for but may not be able to work with a company such as yours. You are still welcome to choose vendors from this bucket, just keep in mind, there’s a higher likelihood of the meeting not being a fit.

Add More Vendors

On average, our successful members take 4-5 meetings per project. This allows our members to fully analyze different solution offerings and compare multiple pricing options. If you do not currently have 4-5 pending or scheduled meetings, you are always welcome to navigate back into your project and request more. To do this, please go to your solutions tab and select projects. Under your active projects you can select project details. From there, navigate back to your search results and add more vendors. Again, we’d suggest you choose all results from the highly recommended first before navigating into other buckets.

Actively Maintain Your Project

Your project can remain open and active as long as you still have a need related to this solution. Once you find a vendor you are working with, or decide the project is no longer valid, please remember to close your project. That being said, we are very confident you will find your next partner in Quartz Network. And when you do, we’d love to hear about it! Please make sure to provide your partners information when you close the project and share that success story with your Member Concierge.

If you have any questions with your active project, please reach out to your dedicated Member Concierge at any time.

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