How do I prospect in QN?
As a QN solution provider you have the opportunity to prospect open projects and request sales-qualified meetings.
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The Quartz Network prospecting tool allows your team to review hundreds of active projects. If a project looks interesting, you can request a meeting at any time. The buyer will be notified and have the choice to schedule the meeting.

You can access your prospects by clicking on the Prospects tab in the top navigation once you're logged into your account.

Your prospects are segmented into 3 buckets:

Highly recommended prospects are 100% matches based on your solution offering and ideal customer parameters. These are sales-ready meetings available to your team. We highly recommend you request to meet with all buyers inside of this bucket. The full project brief is visible to you in the project card along with the credits required to take the meeting and the button to request it.

Recommended Prospects match on most of your criteria and are also a good fit for your solution. Although these buyers don't match with 100% of your buyer criteria they are still very good prospects to consider. With a quick review of the project brief and buyer criteria you can determine if the prospect looks intriguing and request the meeting.

All Active Projects are the remaining projects your team has access to. While these projects have limited matching with your buyer criteria, we still provide you with the option to review the project brief and decide for yourself. There certainly could be a diamond in the rough in this bucket!

Here are a few tips to get the best outcome from your prospecting initiatives:

Regularly Search Active Projects

100s of projects are launched every week and we recommend logging in to your account daily to check your prospect buckets and get a jump on the competition.

Reach out early and often

Our most successful solution providers supplement meetings by prospecting quickly—often shortly after the project goes live. By contacting the member early, you significantly increase your chances of the request being accepted.

Include a note with your request

This doesn’t have to be a long form letter—but a quick note explaining why your solution is a good fit + similar companies you serve can elevate a request to a top priority for the member.

We’ll never charge you for prospecting

You’ll never pay for a meeting request that doesn’t result in a meeting—so feel free to reach out regularly to members who seem like a good fit for your product.

If you have any questions about prospecting and making the most of your Quartz Network account, please feel free to reach out to your dedicated CSM.

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