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How do I access and use the QN referral program?
How do I access and use the QN referral program?
Detailed instructions for accessing the referral program and how to use it.
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Referral Program Overview

Share your QN referral link with other Executives who would be a good fit for QN. Each approved referral will earn you $100 in rewards points and $50 for the approved referral.

  • Once the recipient completes the application form they are on their way to becoming a member. They will show up on your dashboard with a " pending " status until the application process is complete.

  • The referral must complete a welcome call with our Member Concierge team. After the form is submitted, they can schedule directly on the thank you page.

  • Once the welcome call is complete and the member is approved, the reward points will be added to both QN accounts. This will now show up on your referral dashboard as "approved"

  • If an application is declined due to not meeting the QN member requirements, the rewards will not be approved and will show up on your dashboard as "denied"

  • Keep in mind, sharing the link does not necessarily equal a referral. Only referrals that complete the form will show up on your dashboard as pending referral.

Accessing your referral link:

Log in to your QN account as you normally would:

Click on the ‘Refer and Earn’ button at the top of your dashboard navigation

This will take you directly to your personal referral dashboard where you can access share links and templates:

An easy way to get started is by simply copying and pasting your campaign url and sharing however you see fit.

Create your own custom email explaining why you love being a QN member and why you think they’d be a good fit. Paste the url in the email and it will track directly back to your account. Any referrals that complete the application form and are approved will earn you $100 in rewards.

You're personal referral link is at the top of your referrals dashboard as shown here:

You also have the option to share directly from the platform via the customizable share links and templates. Keep in mind that these emails send directly from the referral platform so there is a chance of them ending up in spam folders.

Access to your share templates will look like this once you are logged in to your account:

SAMPLE: Email share template:

Example of what the sender name will look like:

[DELETE BEFORE SENDING - Please customize the below message to your liking. Be sure to include your own personal message as well as your signature. (Your referral link will auto-populate at the bottom, but you can move it higher for better visibility}

Hey there,

I wanted to reach out to you because I'm a member of Quartz Network (QN) and I'd love for you to join as well! Quartz Network is an exclusive platform for executives to connect, collaborate, and find solutions to business challenges.

I've gotten a ton of value out of my membership through their solution-finding software and their executive summits. You can learn more about QN here:

Membership is completely complimentary for qualified executives. Once you're in, you'll have access to everything I do including tons of great content, solution-finding software, and invitations to their executive summits.

Looking forward to having you as a part of the community! Let me know if you need any more information on the membership and I'd be happy to chat.


[Your name]

Join now with my personal link:

This message was sent to you on behalf of Quartz Network. To stop receiving these messages, unsubscribe.

Application page:

Activity highlights are shown below the share links:

Referral statuses can be found at the Rewards link on the sidebar:

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